Some General Updates

First, Blawgers Baseball participants, please note that the draft will be next Friday (3/18) evening. So, you've got a week to set up your draft rankings. This also means that if you've wanted to sign up but haven't yet, consider that your deadline.

Second, does anyone else here watch Gilmore Girls? Ugh, I know it might sound pathetic (even I might have thought it was pathetic before I started watching), but I've gotten kinda hooked this year. Actually, what I do is Tivo a few episodes (yes, I know you're not supposed to use tivo as a verb anymore, but I really do use a tivo, not a generic digital video recorder, so I think it's fair use) and then, once every few weeks I have my own little Gilmore Girls festival, complete with Phish Food. Anyway, I'm delighted that Lorelai and Luke have reunited. (Like I said, pathetic, I know.)

Finally, in case you've been worried about my health, the truth is, I'm just still feeling kinda crappy. Not full blown sick, not sick-enough-to-call-in-sick, not sick enough to go to the doctor, not sick enough to even pop some sudafed, just kinda yicky. Mostly just really tired. I come home from work and just sleep. I think I'm tired of winter. I think, instead of Seasonal Affective Disorder, I have Sick-of-this-Season Affective Disorder. C'mon, Spring, get here already!

And, with that, I think I'm gonna go think about my fantasy baseball team.


  1. send me the details for the fantasy league.

  2. send me the details for the fantasy league.

  3. send me the details for the fantasy league.

  4. I am a BIG Gilmore Girls fan. It's a soap opera with snappy patter thrown in (ala West Wing but no politics) and the quirky town people make it always fun. It also doesn't hurt that Lauren Graham is not hard on the eyes.

    Thought it'd jumped the shark when Rori went off to Yale but they seem to have adjusted the plot and things are interesting again.

    Now, if only my family had the kind of money they do so that we could have their problems . . .