My Internet Double

This is really weird, but did you ever start reading someone's blog, just some total random stranger, and then you start thinking "Oh my goodness, I think she lives in the same town as me." And then, "Wait, she's a lawyer? I'm a lawyer!" And then, "Whoa, we went to the same law school?" And the more you read, the more similarities you have? The same hobbies, things that look the same, the same favorite objects...

(Of course I can't link to the blog! Then you would know everything that there is to know about me!)

...and then I sort of have a weird urge to email this person, but what would I say?

"Hi, my name is Blonde Justice. I've been reading your blog, and I just wanted to know that I think I'm just like you."

That'd be too weird. Oh well, maybe I could just keep reading her blog, and I could sort of live vicariously, and then I would never even have to leave my house. Ok, that'd be weird too.


  1. This hasn't happened to me yet, but I keep thinking it's bound to happen.

  2. I did that once ("Hi! It seems like we have so much in common!") and then felt stupid. But the person wrote back and was nice, and we still email occasionally. Who knows, maybe you were separated at birth.

  3. This happened to me, too. I noted it on my blog, and he read mine until I shut it down. I read his until he shut it down. We went many of the same receptions together. But we never shook hands or exchanged words. One person once asked me if I knew him, and I gave a noncommittal answer.

    I disagree with his politics, however.