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There is a little drug store near my office, where I sometimes stop in for odds and ends on my way to or from work.

Sometimes, under the things I need, there are signs like "Save ten percent with your club card." Or "Regular price, $2.00; Member price, $1.75." I have one of the cards (conveniently located on my keychain), so if I notice one of these signs, I try to remember to show my card when I check out.

The other day, I stopped at the drug store to get a few things on my way back from lunch. I picked up two things, but when I got to the cash register, I realized that I had forgotten to look to see whether I would save by showing my card.

So I told the cashier boy, "I have one of these cards. I don't know if it'll make a difference."

I figured he might know whether any of the items I was buying were on sale.

"Actually, yeah," he responded, "You should give your card every time you buy something. Because we started this new thing. It's gonna be, like, for every dollar you waste here, you get some points, and then you get stuff with the points."

Yes, that's right. He said "waste." Way to market it.


  1. I've had that happen to me at CVS' around here. When I forget my CVS card, which I don't conveniently have on my keychain, they usually ask for my phone number and then "find" my account.

    It now occurs to me that it might be complete b.s. Just like those maps on international flights. How do we know those things are accurate? They might show that you're going towards your destination, but in reality, you might be going in the opposite direction.

    I might never fly again.

  2. Great blog - I suggest that you post a syndication link (or if it's there, make it more obvious cuz I couldn't find it)

  3. Yeah, they might be giving you discounts and rewards, but they are also building a profile about your purchasing patterns by tracking everything you buy. What could they do with this information? I don't know, but they do ask for your personal info when you get the card, so theoretically they could sell your purchasing profile to other places who would then flood you with junkmail or email spam. There might be something in the terms of service saying they won't do this, but the easy way to defeat it is just to use a bogus address/phone number, etc. on the card application.

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