Dear Congress (particularly those of you in the red states),

Remember when you said that marriage was a sacred institution? And not just any two people should get into it? Only heterosexual people, who could really love and care for each other? Because, along with that important bond goes a lot of responsibilities? Like making decisions for one another? Yeah, I remember that too.

Then what makes you (yeah, especially you, Jeb Bush) think that you can make a better decision for a person than her own spouse? Where's your sanctity of marriage now?

Just wondering,
Blonde Justice


Dear notguilty,

Did you see Paris and Nicole tonight? They were in your 'hood! I was wondering if you ever went to that bakery. Also, they've got some criminals working at that bakery. Maybe you could go round up some clients. And cookies. At the same time. That's hot.

Blonde Justice


Dear Woman of the Law,

You inspire me and make me proud. I know you're still in the "gathering unofficial offers" stage of your job hunt, but it'd be an honor to have you on my side of the courtroom.

"She's not delusional" has got to be one of the best comments I've ever received. Someday, I'm going to make a little sidebar like the one on Frolics and Detours, with all of the nice things anyone has ever said about me or my blog, and I'm totally going to include that.

Blonde Justice


  1. Re: Congress -- you'll enjoy this column if you haven't already seen it.

  2. If the facts are as I have been led to believe, your comments are terribly out of place, Blonde. Or would you like fundamental decisions, life/death, to be made on your behalf by a man who only recalls that you did not want to live like this years after you came into the condition, but after the $ finally came in, and who is so true and devoted to you that he has two children by another woman -- all while your own family who raised you are begging to take care of you. ??
    I really don't think it is a red/blue state issue. But if you want to turn the tables like that, are you saying that the husband always has the right to determine whether the incapacitated wife lives or dies? If that is what you're saying, why wouldn't the husband have veto power over an abortion as well?

  3. A few things about Zerin's comments:
    (1) I think Blonde's comments were focused on those Republicans in Congress who wanted to change the legal system to get a result that they wanted. I think it was very poignant and thought out, and does show a hypocracy that exists in Red States.

    (2) As for the facts, the husband did not say pull the plug once the money showed up. He was arguing this the whole time, that this was Terry's choice.

    (3) As for the decision making process, the Florida law is clear. When a party does not have a written expression of intent to remain on life support, the court is to determine what the intention were. The Judge here listened to the testimony and concluded that the husband's view was correct. A husband making a decision in this instance is not inconsistent with most states, who presume that a spouse is in a better position to make such decisions.

    (4) The choice to have an abortion is not remotely the same to what's occurring here. In those instances, the pregnant woman is around to make her choice known. Here, there is no clear expression of intent. We don't hear many cases of women in vegetative states seeking an abortion.

  4. Dear Blonde -

    I think your letter to the women in the law world is nice. Here in Canada, women are quickly becoming up and runners - in fact, 4 of our 5 Supreme Court Justices (including our Chief Justice) are women. And one man is retiring in May of 2006. Guess who's up for his job? A woman. This will make Canada the only country in the world with a majority of women benchers. Yay us!

    Keep up the good blogging!

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  6. It's funny, I didn't see Dahlia's article until your comment. I'm not sure who posted first, but I had been thinking about that for a few days. At least I'm in good company.

    Please read Dahlia's article, not only because I agree with it, but because it goes into a lot more depth than I did here.