Catching Up

There have been quite a few things I've wanted to say in the past few days, but blogger hasn't let me. Grrrr. And now that it's been a few days, it' s harder for me to catch up on all of the things I wanted to say.

For example, first and foremost, Johnny Cochran passed away. But what can I write that hasn't been written in the hundreds of articles I've read today?

Instead, completely random, I will show you this fun website I found. On, you can see which celebrities gave money to which political candidates. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Johnny Cochran donated quite a bit of money to democratic candidates. It's also interesting to do a zipcode search of your hometown and see who is making donations and which way your town is leaning.

Alright, I guess that's all for now. I'll post more once blogger is behaving better (and after I've researched the political donations of every celebrity ever.)

Oh, and after that I'm going to test and retest myself in this "What Dog Are You?" quiz (find it at the bottom right hand corner of the site.)


  1. Speaking of Blogger being sucky, wouldn't you be happier at BlawgCoop, the co-op for law-related blogs? BlawgCoop would be happy to host your blog on Movable Type or Wordpress; your new url could be either or (or something else, if you prefer). But the thing is, you would never have to worry about Blogger being buggy again.

    If you stick w/Blogger, try using a desktop client (like one of these) -- it might allow you to post even if the Blogger interface is freaking out. It should also reduce the times you lose a post due to a browser crash or something.

    Oh, and I'm a Labrador Retriever, so I'm good with kids and rarely get into trouble and just like to be helpful. ;-)

  2. I'm a Bergamasco Sheepdog, whatever the hell that is. Oh wait..

    A large robust dog with sheepherding ability, is great with children and used as therapy dogs.