What's so sweet about it?

I recently updated my "Watching" list (down and on your right), which is where I mention the shows on my mind and on my Tivo.

Anyway, I wanted to specifically mention My Super Sweet 16 on MTV. It's a fun one to watch. Basically, the concept is a lot like those shows where you watch people planning their weddings, except without all of the sappy wedding stuff and with a lot of more teenage temper tantrums and girls (ok, fine, "brats" is a more appropriate word) arguing with their moms.

In the first episode I watched, two rich girls are planning their party, and they come up with a list of artists they'd like their daddies to book. No Doubt, Beyonce, The Rolling Stones, Christina Aguilera, and more. In the end, they end up with Unwritten Law (sorry, never heard of 'em), and the party turns into a mosh pit.

In an upcoming episode, a girl flies to Paris to find the perfect dress for her party. She's then seen on a cell phone in front of a closed Versace store crying, "Mommmmmmy! Versace is clooosed!" As if Mommy is going to be able to wake Gianni himself from the dead to make him come open the store. I think this is the same girl that gets carried into her party on a... I don't know what you call it... Cleopatra bed thing.

Ha! If that's not good tv, I don't know what is.


  1. I love this show, but damn, this past girl was such a friggin' brat! All she did was whine or screech. I wanted to turn it off because she was so annoying, but I couldn't stop watching. A $200,000 sweet sixteen is so ridiculous, I can't even wrap my head around it.

  2. why are these mtv shows so addictive? i loved "true life-i live a double life" too. up at 3am watching mtv reality shows. what could be better?

  3. They spent close to a quater million dollars on a 16 yr old's birthday party? That's just obnoxious. Please don't ever let Bush tell me again that the rich need tax relief.