Race Roadblock

I have an EMERGENCY REQUEST: Does anyone have the season finale of The Amazing Race that you can send me? My cable was out. How much does that suck? Please email me, I still don't even know who won! (Don't tell me, I'm determined to find a tape from someone!)

Speaking of TV, I'm pretty sure that's David Duchovny doing the voice over in the Pedigree Dentastix commercial. (Watch the Westminster dog show tonight, I'm sure the commercial will be played.) So, that's where his big X-Files fame led him, huh?

It's ok, dog guys can be hot. I'm just saying.

Oh, and one more thing - Jonathan and Victoria from Amazing Race are going to be on Dr. Phil tonight. That should be interesting. One commercial shows Dr. Phil saying to Jonathan, "Are you a jerk?" Yeah, give it to him, Dr. Phil!

Please ask around, see if anyone has that Amazing Race! Thanks!


  1. If no one offers to send you a copy, check out some of the posts in this forum -- people are always offering to send tapes and DVDs as long as you pay the shipping.

  2. I think I do ... for some reason, my X2B decided to be nice and give it to me on tape. However, I haven't been able to watch TV since I moved out in early December because I can't afford it, so I'm not sure why he thinks I would want the final episode if I hadn't seen any elimination rounds since early December. I haven't decided yet if I would watch it but I can send it to you either way. Email me thru the link on my blogger profile if you want.

  3. It's ok, dog guys can be hot. I'm just saying.
    You forgot to hyperlink me in that sentence.

  4. Try these torrents:

    not that I would advocate getting a TV show that way...

  5. Kayten rocks. She totally hooked me up. Thanks everyone!