Medium: A TV Review

Is anyone else watching this show, Medium? I haven't heard anyone else talking about it, so it must not be very popular, but I happened to catch part of an episode two weeks ago, and it was pretty good, so I watched last week's episode, and that was good too, so (and particularly because I don't have anything else to watch on Monday nights), it might make it into my regular television rotation.

Here's the premise: This woman (played by Patricia Arquette), is a "medium," and is, according to this article, based on a real person. I don't know much about what mediums do, and whether or not she fits the definition perfectly, but, for example, she'll sometimes have dreams about what's going to happen to someone. Or she'll shake hands with someone and see how he's going to die. I thought being a medium just meant that dead people talked through you, but apparently either it can mean more or this woman is more than a medium. Maybe she's a medium and clairvoyant, and they just thought that was too long of a title.

Anyway, she sees things that are going to happen, and, if they're bad (and, so far, it only seems to be bad things), she tries to stop them without sounding crazy by saying "I'm a medium." As they say, hilarity ensues.

Only some people know that she's a medium. One of those people is her boss. At the D.A.'s office. I'm not too sure how this all came about (since I've only see one or two episodes) but she works for the D.A.'s office as a medium. They'll send her out to crime scenes and ask her what happened there. I'm not sure how it works from there, either. I'm sure she doesn't testify, "I'm a medium, and this is what I say happened," so I guess they use her insight to find admissable evidence.

Boyfriend and I, watching Medium:
"Being a medium must be a mixed blessing. On one hand, you see what's going to happen to people..."
"And on the other hand, you have to work at the D.A.'s office."

I'll admit that Medium can be a little, how shall we say... cheesey? For example, in one scene, she went to the hospital to visit a woman who had been involved in a fire. The medium explains that going to the hospital is difficult for her, because there are so many dead people trying to get messages though. Which seems a little weird, because, I would think most ghosts who are trying to get a message through would go hang out at home. Why should they wait around at a hospital? Unless they can only stay in the place where they died. But doesn't that mean that going anywhere should be difficult for her, because at some point in history someone died almost everywhere, right? Driving down highways, she should see all the ghosts on the side of the roads from all of the accidents that ever happened. But, ok, suspend a little reality, and let's go back to the cheesey aspect. I can appreciate that it's got to be hard to make ghosts that look "realistic" to everyone, especially on a tv budget. But when she walked down the hospital hallway, and all of these gobliny-looking people were coming out toward her, it was a little hokey.

But I can look past that. Anyway, it's seems like a good show, and so I'll recommend it. It's a mid-season replacement, so I don't know if that means it's less likely to be around next year or not.

Also, I've been thinking, if it gets popular, it could be a good way to make fun of the D.A.s. For example, "Oh, you think that's what happened? Who told you that - your medium?" That'd be at least mildly funny, right? No? Ok, nevermind.


  1. I've only caught glimpses of it and it does seem rather far fetched. At 10pm on Mondays I'm coming off a 24 high and I'd rather get my cheese from the David Caruso variety.

  2. My friend made me watch an was pretty good. I will try to catch another episode.

  3. "Medium" has been a solid "Top 20" show since it began, according to the Neilson ratings. Generally in the second ten.

  4. "Medium" has been picked up for another season. Which in the TV world means that it is doing well. For NBC who has fallen to the number 4 spot in network ratings needs the help.

    I too enjoy the show. I thought when I saw the first one that it might flop because things were a bit too "B" movie.

    Now it seems the writers are acknowledging that the viewers have an intellect a bit more advanced than they had anticipated. It is based off of her life experiences but with some creative license taken to, I suppose, make it more "entertaining".

  5. Sweet_Va_Breeze_43April 19, 2005 10:03 PM

    This is one of my favorite new series second only to 'House'. Which probably means it will be cancelled. Happens everytime I get involved with a new show. I'm still in mourning over a show getting cancelled back in the late 90's called 'Maximum Bob' starring Beau Bridges which only aired 4 or 5 episodes - just enough, of course, to get me hooked. *sigh*