Call for Help

I was walking around my neighborhood today when I saw the strangest thing. There's this little store. I can't figure out what kind of store it is. I've seem them display art before, but I also think that they might braid hair or something. There's no sign, and it's usually completely empty. "Completely" here meaning, no employees, no customers, no furniture, no nothing.

Anyway, in the window today I noticed that there was a sign hand-written on a large piece of paper. It read:
Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the tragic tsunami disaster. If you need any help, please call Sara at (555)555-5555.

Now, I normally try to keep this blog "geographically anonymous." And, if you happen to live in my 'hood and have walked past this sign, you know now that we live in the same 'hood. But, otherwise, in case you're wondering, I will give this much of a hint - I do not live anywhere near the area hit by the tsunami. Not even remotely. In fact, I think that there is very little chance of any tsunami victims wandering around my 'hood. But, I guess if there was, they would know who to call for help.

Of course, maybe it was just an advert for the business. Because it did cause me to push my face against the glass to see what kind of business was inside. And, as far as I can tell, it was just an empty storefront with one piece of art made out of macaroni and cereal in the front window.


  1. Aren't 555 numbers the fake one's they use in movies? Is that the real number you saw?

  2. No, that's not the real number I saw. I figured I'd protect my own geographical anonymity by not giving the area code, and protect this woman's sanity by not giving her number out to all of the internet universe.

    Although, now that I think about it, if she really wanted to help, her number should go out there where it can really be seen, not just in her own empty window. But I won't take that upon myself.

    I was going to take a camera phone picture (and blur out the phone number) but didn't get a chance because it was too dark. Maybe I will though. Eventually.

  3. Holy crap! That's my store!

    The Macaroni Artplace
    Our Motto: " Cuz macaroni ain't just for eatin' "

    However, I can't say I'm too happy about you posting my home phone number on your blog. You know getting (555)555-5555 was not easy! I had to fight with the phone company and everything. Sarah is gonna be pissed too.

    Ah, just kidding.

  4. Dammit, I was gonna write something witty about macaroni. Now what'll I do? I know, I'll get ready to go to my test!

  5. Maybe the owner of the store has gone to be with family in the tsunami zone and the number is for a local contact person for customers, deliveries, etc.

  6. I hadn't really thought about it that way. I'll have to go back and look at the sign, but for some reason, I just didn't take it that way. Maybe, though... I guess.

  7. Err... I can't believe it. They took the sign down. I did get to see it one more time before they took it down.

    I had the wording a little off (the sign was a lot longer) but it was definitely offering help for tsunami survivors.

    But I guess they got all the help they needed now. There's a new exhibit in there now.