I can't stop watching I Love The 90s: Part Deux.

Seriously. I... can't... stop. This show is addictive.

And they show the same commercials at every break. I must've seen the same Pizza Hut commercial 100 times today.

The only upside? It's only 10 shows. I mean, it's not like I'll have to miss work tomorrow morning because I'm stuck watching it.

Oh, well, actually... They keep advertising 90s ringtones. So, last night, after I went to the website, but the ringtones don't work with my service provider. Somehow, I ended up spending another few hours listening to all of the ringtones. And then I didn't even download any of them - because I couldn't decide.

Arrgh! This has been a long weekend. I'm ready to go back to work.

But first I have to try the 90s quiz.


  1. You're telling me! Love the series. It's odd when I watch I love the 80's and I get some of the references and then I watch I Love the 90's and I get most of them. It's my generation. I feel like I belong.
    Well, except I remember the snap wristbands.

  2. The quiz is disappointing.

    After overcoming a brief addiction to "I Love the 80s," I'm not sure whether I should go back for more... but it's so tempting!

  3. I DVR'ed the whole series and have watched it all. Then I watched reruns of it all weekend. I'm a loser. :)

  4. The problem I have with I <3 the 90's is that by the end of the decade I'm starting to feel that I'm watching I <3 Last Week. Not enough time has passed to let the emotional scars of the Spice Girls breakup to heal.

  5. That's why I have TiVo! Watch all the TV you want and skip past ALL of the commercials :)

  6. I have Tivo too, but it didn't really seem Tivo worthy. It started off as background noise while I was doing other things, and eventually I was glued to the tv.

    I agree, though, when I watch I love the 80s, I probably remember about half of the things (less in the early 80s, more in the late 80s). But when I love the 90s, I feel like that was MY decade. And, I agree, some of the stuff (especially from the late 90s) feels too recent.

    I'm surprised they haven't started showing "I love the early '00s" yet. Soon, I'm sure.