Feeling Old

Everyone has their milestones that they believe make them an "adult."

Years ago, my family went on a vacation where we rented a beachfront home. In the kitchen, they had a beautiful cake plate (prettier than this one, and pink). I wanted one. But there was no room for a cake plate in my dorm room (and no need for one.) I knew I'd be an "adult" when I had a cake plate. And space for one in my tiny kitchen.

I'm now a real lawyer. I passed the bar. But I'm still not an adult. No cake plate.

Today, though, I realized that although I may not be an adult, I am "old." How do I know? I'm too old to audition for The Real World.

Not that I wanted to. But that's not the point.


  1. I think you need to either turn 30, get married, have a child or have something traumatic happen to you and survive it to be classified as an "adult". Good Luck

  2. Hey were not old until we say were old. Always take care of yourself and you'll feel refreshed and energized. Be thankful your not a silly 21 yr old who doesn't know what in the world she wants.