Creating Loopholes

A former prosecutor and city councilman writes this editorial.

Public defenders creating loopholes? You'd think a former prosecutor would understand that filing a lawsuit doesn't create loopholes, and when the appellate division rules in your favor it's not a loophole, it's the law.


  1. Write a response!

    His editorial seems kind of fluffy. It seems to follow something like this: criminals = bad, PDs = bad law; children = good, therefore I'm right and look at how wonderful I am introducing this legislation!

  2. My guess is that it's more a political post to bring votes (aren't Prosecutors elected there?) than actual commentary on the criminal justice system or the new law.

    Yeah that sucks on so many levels.

  3. I have run into the Megan's law statutes the way they are written here in CT and each time the interaction has confirmed my disappointment in the way they are written. I have a big problem with Megan's Law in general, but the Supreme Court has decided to dismiss all my concerns with it already.

    It really gets my blood boiling when prosecutors write editorials or op-eds like this one. It makes us all seem like conniving, scheming people. What people don't realize is that there is a very very fine line between "us" - society - and "them" - them being the criminals. And if it were not for us (public defenders), the system would crash. We uphold the Constitution and the rights it affords every citizen.
    We should all go on strike and then see how the country likes it's justice system.