It's time to tell you all about my Chantico Experience at Starbucks. Well, experiences, actually.

That's right, in the interest of journalistic integrity and fact checking and whatnot, I had a few of those Chanticos.

Then, afterward, I realize THEY HAVE 390 CALORIES! AND 20 GRAMS OF FAT! AND 50 CARBS!

That's, um, not healthy. So, is it worth it? If you're a chocolate lover (I am), the answer is YES. Absolutely. It's like hot chocolate but so much richer and smoother and with an amazing depth of flavor. And it doesn't have that powedery-from-a-mix taste you get with most hot chocolate. If you've ever tried Mexican Hot Chocolate, I think it's very comparable. Most importantly, it's delicious.

Is it a substitute for your everyday coffee beverage? I don't think that would be a healthy choice.

But as an occasional sweet treat, I think it's better than most other desserts, especially in the winter.

By the way, want to know how I managed to have multiple Chantico Experiences? I've gone to all 4 of the Starbucks in my neighborhood and had free samples. Hey, I'm a P.D., you expect me to pay $3 for hot chocolate? Anyway, the samples were a decent size, probably a few ounces (the drink is only sold in a 6 oz. - I guess even Starbucks recognizes that you shouldn't drink too much Chantico), so I definitely had enough to get a reliable sample.

Aah, the things I go through for my blog readers.


  1. What you have experienced is called hot chocolate. Hot chocolate is not Swiss Miss. It's chocolate, cream, and maybe some hot water.

    You can make it at home and save the $3.

  2. I tried one tonight... Not bad. A little sweet for my tastes. I thought I'd try to make it at home. The resulting chantico recipe was born: (all measurements are approx)

    Homemade Chantico
    3/4 cup warm water
    3 heaping tbsp Frys Coco Powder
    8 heaping tbsp sugar
    2 tsp cornstarch + (1 tbsp water)
    1 pinch salt
    2 tsp butter (optional)

    Heat the water to near boiling. Reduce heat to medium. Add the coco and the sugar. Stir with a wisk for about 5 minutes to really disolve the coco powder. In a seperat bowl, add water to cornstarch and mix until completly dissolved. (If you don't, you'll get some nasty clumps.) Add the cornstarch mix to the coco/sugar mix and wisk briskly. After a minute or so you *should* have a smooth velvety yummy drink! For more flavour, add the salt and butter.

    It will thicken a bit as it cools, so add just a wee bit of hot water to thin it out again.

    The result is a very rich dark sweet coco, very similar to $tarbuck$.

  3. The Chantico stuff is pretty good. I bought a Belgium brand online and it was a considerably better drinking chocolate. You might want to try it. It is probably cheaper also - we ran it at my Uncle's party with a little Kahlua and everyone loved it.

  4. Actually the best description is drinking or sipping chocolate. The best brands
    have shaved dark or bittersweet chocolate in addition to finer quality cocoa
    powders, milk solids flavors and sweeteners. The darker the chocolate, the higher
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