Baby Mama Drama

Skelly over at Aribtrary and Capricious sent me this great blog - babymamadrama.

I really can't be sure that it's a real baby mama blogging (it almost sounds too authentic), but either way, she really pins down the big truth:

It is the public defender's fault. If your baby daddy ends up pleading guilty and doing a lot of jail time when you really just want him home, it's the public defender's fault. And if your baby daddy ends up pleading not guilty and you have to go to trial "over bullshit," it is the public defender's fault. Not yours, not his, but the stupid ass of a public defender's.

And to anyone who thinks that it is the public defender who "persuades" these women to take their men back - read this and try to figure out who's twisting her arm. Well, besides her baby daddy, most likely - but I certainly don't think she's open to advice from the P.D.

p.s. How amazing would it be to find that a complainant in one of your d.v. cases keeps a blog? Priceless.


  1. Amen. It's never their responsibility. (I have to be careful here, don't want to loose my sensitive prosecutor badge.) But I've seen DV victims try and physically intimidate some of the female attorneys, both defense and prosecution (generally a mistake - women who do trial prosecution or defense generally don't take any crap from anyone, let alone a defendant's girlfriend.) For the men, they try and play the guilt card - If you make me do this he'll kill me.

  2. I wouldn't get too wrapped up in that blog. It looks like a farce. How many ignorant, gotta get back wit ma babydaddy meth-heads do you know who blog from the public library because they already sold the old 256K Dell to buy more crank?

    I'm not buying it.