Why I'm a Lawyer

(and not a CD maker or a computer person or anything like that)

I've gotten a few "What ever happened to that CD you were supposed to make?" and "Hey, did you take our suggestions or not?" questions.

So, the truth is, I haven't burned the CD yet. I've tried, really I have. Let's see. First, I had to install the CD burner software, then I had to install the convert MP3s to WAV software. Then I had to convert all of the MP3s to WAVs. And which point, my hard drive got full.

So, then I decided to use an external hard drive. But, for some reason, it wouldn't save the files over to the external until I uninstalled the converter software and reinstalled it to the external hard drive.

Then, I finally did that and converted all of the songs to WAV files. And, finally, I was ready to burn the CD.

I started the burn process and... I got the blue screen of death. I restarted my computer, and tried it again. And my computer crashed again. I was frustrated, and decided I needed a break.

I'm thinking that now I might try to use my boyfriend's computer to make the CD. Which probably means re-installing everything. (I don't think just hooking up the external hard drive to his computer would be enough, but it might be.)

So, that's where I'm at. I promise, I will be posting my picks soon. Complete with my commentary for each song. Which I will also print, and send along with the CD to the lucky recipient. Just hang in there, I'm working on it.


  1. How about a contest on your blog where one lucky reader gets a signed copy of your CD? Personally, I've been wanting one of the cheese sandwiches, but a CD would make a good substitute.

    I linked your blog. Check it out.

    I do enjoy your blog.

    "Addicus Finch", the ADD attorney

  2. Oooh, I like that idea. Now I have to come up with a contest. What could it be?

    In other news, the CD burner doesn't seem to work on my boyfriend's computer now either. I think I'll take it to my parents' house this weekend for Christmas. But if that doesn't work, I really don't have a Plan D.

    At that point, maybe I'll just buy some bootleg CD on the street and call it my own.