Where's My Money?

You want to know one of the craziest things that I hear from clients?

In cases where clients are accused of committing a crime either at or against their job...

So, for example, the security guard who is arrested for stealing from the store he's supposed to be guarding.

They ALWAYS call later to tell me that their employer won't release their last paycheck and want to know what they can do.

How about this? How about maybe you don't deserve to get paid for the hours you spent at your job stealing from them. Or, maybe you could consider it paying them back for all the things you stole and all of the expense they're going to go through proving it. I dunno, just a thought.


  1. ohhhhhooohhhh. . . how very prosecuterish of you.

    You know, I always heard people say "they wouldn't be criminals if they were smart." I think, they wouldn't have gotten caught and then come to you asking stupid questions and annoying the crap out of you all the time if they were smart.

  2. In the Sad But True Category:
    Under the Wage Payment Collection Act in my state, which I believe is based on the model act, an employer would not be able to set-off such losses unilaterally. Your client might be entitled to liquidated damages and attorney fees...

  3. I know. The truth is, I felt prosecutorish writing it. But, it's true, that's what I feel when my clients call.

    "What? You want them to pay you for the hours you spent watching the surveillance cameras that you illegally turned to watch the fitting rooms? You want to get paid for that? While the store is being sued like crazy over this? You want your minimum wage for that?" Errr. Yeah, I feel like a prosecutor, but I really can't see saying, "Oh yeah, let me call them and see why they're not releasing that check..."

    Here, at least, they're allowed to hold the check while they file a civil claim for it. I guess they figure that if they do it the other way around, release the check and then file a claim for it, they'll never see the money again. Which would be correct.