Survivor Finale

Only a few minutes until the finale of Survivor, and, as it has been since before the first episode even aired, my money is on Eliza.

Why? Well, first, I've got to give props to a woman who is pre-law and interned at a public interest organization.

Second, she's been on the chopping block at nearly every tribal counsel, but continued to survive. (And isn't that what the game is all about?)

Now, of course, the people I like NEVER win (i.e. Rupert), but still, I've gotta say, Let's Go Eliza!


  1. I'm sad that Eliza didn't even make it to the final 3. I didn't really like Brian, and I thought that was silly of him to get rid of Eliza. She seemed to really be on his side, whereas it was apparent that the other two were in an alliance.


    I'm hoping for a better time next season!

  2. Yeah, Eliza didn't make it. But, like I said, the people I like never win.