Shout Outs

I just wanted to recognize some blogs that have recently recognized me.

First, Public Defender Dude, which I've read for a long time. For a while, I was worried that PDD was no longer going to be a PD, but apparently that's changed now, and he's back. Check that out.

I've noticed a few other new links lately. My guess is that most found me because of the link on The Volokh Conspiracy. Either way, check out: Power and Control, Catastrophic Victory, Various and Sundry, Carpundit, American On Line, mellow-drama and Nudum Pactum.

Now, I've noticed two things. First, Public Defender Dude points out that I'm not as "serious" as him (or, at least, that my blog isn't as serious as his) and American On Line files my blog under "some others" and not under "law links." So, yeah, I talk about TV and pop culture probably more than I talk about law here. I think that part of that is because I worry about writing too much about my job. I just wouldn't feel comfortable writing a "Week in the Life of Blonde Justice" series because I fear that it'd be too difficult to keep both myself and my clients anonymous. But I'm still a lawyer, and I'm still doing the law thing, even if I don't write about it as much as other people do.

And honestly, I'm the kind of person who suffered through law school just so I could do what I do. I survived three years of reading and briefing cases just so that I could be in a courtroom and help my clients. I don't have much interest in reading cases, briefing cases, following developing legislation or discussing decisions, except to the extent that I can apply them to my clients and the cases I handle. And, as I just mentioned, I try not to write specifically about my clients or my cases, so that means I don't end up discussing new legislation or decisions much either.

So, I hope that doesn't disappoint anyone too much. There are a lot of other great blogs to read if you're looking for some serious discussions about cases. And they probably handle it better than I would anyway. So, read those blogs for that law stuff, and then come read my blog for a mix of a few war stories, a public defender's point of view on current events, and a lot of pop culture (especially TV). After all, that's what makes me Blonde Justice.

Thanks to everyone linked to me and who has come here and checked me out. I hope you've enjoyed it.


  1. Hey Blond. I like your blog because it isn't over the top serious like mine is. Otherwise, I'd never link to you, I couldn't stand the competition, hehehehehehe - like I could compete with blond justice:)

    Keep up the good fight, and the good posts. The reason I think public defenders are the coolest lawyers (and people, for that matter), is that we have this real-world grounding that doesn't let us get too full of ourselves, and yet we're incredibly perceptive about the world and irreverent about it. Your comments on pop culture show that as much as your war stories do. So keep them up.

  2. I read your blog because I want to know what it *feels* like to be a PD, not how it feels to think like one. You're right, you do enough of that already in law school. When thinking about what career to pursue, I want the big picture. You give me that and I love it. Of course, when I want my dose of law, I head over to CrimLaw or Crime and Federalism or Public Defender Dude...Maybe your blog is like the dessert after the meal?

  3. I'd have assisted in resolving the ambiguity. ... I hope. Marty

  4. Ta da! And, with that, I'm a law link. =)

  5. You go Blonde Justice girlll.

  6. I love your blog because you DON'T have to be a lawyer to appreciate it.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. It certainly is refreshing to find a PD blog that isn't quite..well, legal. My blog has very little of what I do on it. But that's probably because it would take a year's worth of posting to explain what a Petition for a Writ of Habeas Corpus is, seeing as that's how long it has taken me at the job to begin to understand it myself.

    Keep up the refreshing lightheartedness.