More on Amazing Race

The big controversies arising on this season of The Amazing Race have come from a team consisting of a married couple of Jonathan and Victoria. Well, mostly the controversies seem to come from Jonathan. From the episodes I've seen, Jonathan appears to be downright abusive to Victoria. (And, yes, as a disclaimer, I suppose it could all be "the editing," but I sort of doubt it.)

For example, in one episode, Jonathan and Victoria are getting their bags out of the back of an SUV when Jonathan pulled the rear door down on Victoria's head. You know that hurts. But (from what I could see on the episode, at least) he didn't apologize, he just told her to hurry up. He's shown yelling at her quite a bit (yes, most of the teams yell at each other at times, but this seems to be much more than usual). In another episode, he nearly shuts a car door on his wife's hand. Again, he doesn't apologize, but it appears that he thinks this is a reasonable way to encourage his wife to move faster.

Finally, last week, Jonathan and Victoria were running to the finishing line, while Jonathan continued to yell at Victoria. Jonathan reached over and shoved his wife. (There are articles on the issue here on MSNBC, USA Today and elsewhere.) In previous episodes, he had also raised a hand as if to hit her, but then lowered his hand as she pulled back. After the shove, I truly thought that the producers would remove him from the show, but they didn't. (Or, haven't yet.)

The couple has a blog, and, if you want to, you can read Jonathan's it-was-because-of-medicine-or-maybe-it-was-CBS's-editing excuse here.

However, my thought as I've been watching this has been, "If this is how he treats her in front of cameras, and in a foreign country, and when he's working as her teammate, how does he treat her at home?"

Every episode, I've been waiting for local police to arrest him for domestic violence. (I guarantee that if they came to this city, he'd get arrested pretty quickly, but I know that not every country even has d.v. laws.) I guess this is reality at its worst.


  1. And to think, he's so eloquent and articulate on his's hard to picture him hitting his woman. /sarcasm

  2. I am surprised that J&V made it past all the preshow screenings. Unless TAR thought that this would make for compelling TV.