Mix CD

I'm starting to work on my Mix CD that I'm making for this mix CD exchange.

But now I have some questions. First of all, should I pick my 18 all-time favorite songs? In which case, the CD would include a lot of older songs. Or, should I go with my favorite songs of '04? Because that would be kind of fun, and that'd be a CD I'd be more likely to use, listen to, and keep. (I already have CDs of all of my all-time favorite songs and listen to them a lot.)

So, I kind of like the idea of a "Best of '04" CD, which is also easier because it narrows down my choices for me. But it will definitely be more of a "pop" album then. But that's ok, right? And another problem is that, in picking songs from early '04, some of the popular songs might seem overplayed by now. But that's a risk you run in making a year-end compilation, right?

I'll definitely post my playlist when I'm done. I hope whoever gets it will enjoy it.


  1. Quick question. I signed up for that mix CD thing as well. (cause you inspire me) and I haven't gotten an email of the recipient of my groovy mix. Have you gotten an email with an address or are you just being very prepared.

  2. I would say do one of each and let the person who is receiving the gift decide. Either way whichever one is left over, you'd listen to right?

    As for being over played...(your '04 list) it would still be thoughtful regardless. Reason being? Haven't you seen those commercials for those compliation CD's... "Now that's what I call music! Volume 192!!" By the time they get those CD's to press the music is so overplayed it's not funny, yet, they sell like mad.

    So my vote is for both.

    Either way, I'd love to see the playlist for both. I think it'd be fun to see what you listen to.

    As always, love the blog.


  3. Other Melissa - I did get the address to send my Mix CD to, and I already received my Mix CD. You should email the guy and see what's up.

    I'll post more on my mix cd as it develops. Today I'm installing the CD burner software, which I must've uninstalled and forgot about it.

  4. I have an Ipod, and I'm thinking of putting on the first 18-20 songs that come out on the shuffle mode.

  5. Whatever you do, could you tell us? For some reason, I'm feeling invested in the outcome.

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