Living in Suspense

You know what really sucks?

Picture it: You're snuggled up in your bed, watching your favorite TV show. Things are really getting excited when all of the sudden, out of nowhere...

"To be continued." TO BE CONTINUED? WTF?

I can't wait another week! What, are you trying to kill me?

At least I'll have Television Without Pity to hold me over.


  1. I KNOW! I was on Tivo time, buy I was looking at the time left and thinking it had misrecorded, because there were only 5 minutes left and no-one had seen the Amazing BathMat...... Of course, there isn't even a show next week!!! AAARRGGHHH!
    mortimer's mom

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  3. It looks like there is an episode next week, but it's just a clip show.


    This is torture!