I'm Like The Red Sox*

*Except without so much sucking

What, you ask, does Blonde Justice have in common with the Boston Red Sox? I beat up on fat old men? Nope, that's not it. Oh yeah, I remember - My curse has ended.

Yeah. See, I didn't really want to write about it here, but I was having a little bit of a bad luck streak. A little bit of a conviction run. Not that many, just a few, but it was starting to scare me.

I was starting to be afraid of trial, because I was afraid of another guilty verdict. And that's not me. That's not the kind of lawyer I want to be. I want to be the "Give me your worst, I can take anything" kind of lawyer.

But, it's over. In the eternal words of Jay-Z "Not Guilty, Y'all Got To Feel Me."

Go ahead, you can congratulate me.


  1. ``Go ahead, you can congratulate me."Fine then, I will. Congratulations.

    (And thanks for the mention the other day!)

    --Gus [a.k.a. Nudum Pactum]

  2. Congrats!! Except watch yourself on the Red Sox, sista - we're taking it all again this year. And by 'all', I mean, Tim Hudson will go to Atlanta and Randy Johnson will to go the Yankees and Pedro will go to the Mets, but we've got a sexy Colombian for a shortstop. Ok, maybe not that sexy, but he's Colombian, and I have a thing for Colombians. Well, I had a thing for a Colombian once.

    Ok whatever. CONGRATS ON THE ACQUITTAL! Now you can start saying things like, "Bring it on" and "let's roll."

  3. Wonderful :) Always feels good to get your client a favorable verdict

  4. Yay! Congratulations! Did your client say thank you?

  5. Yeah, the client, who was a really nice guy, cried and hugged me. It was great. All I could think, though, was "Thank goodness my losing slump is over."

    Now I can get back to winning.