Everyone's Accounted For

I'm worried about those FBI guys (and girls) on Without A Trace.

You see, I just got around to watching the latest episode, and, would you believe, no one went missing this week?

I don't really like when these TV shows start getting into the characters' personal lives. I just don't care. C'mon, let's go solve some mysteries or whatever it is you do. But, I realize that some viewers must like that, and I'll try to live with it when the episode is sprinkled with just a few lines about the characters and who they're sleeping with or whatnot.

But, honestly, if I want to watch a show about whose sleeping with who, I'll watch one of those types of shows. And when I tune it to Law & Order, CSI, or Without A Trace, I'm tuning in to see some mysteries solved.

Mostly, though, I'm worried for those FBI guys. I mean, a whole week, especially around the holidays, and not one person disappeared? Not even for a minute? I'm worried there will be some layoffs in the Bureau, or, at the very least, transfers to a city with more disappearances. I just hope it doesn't come to that. You know I'll keep you updated.

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