All About the Benjamins

A lot of other bloggers have discussed what public defenders make and whether that's a reasonable wage, etc.

"Overworked and Underpaid" is an oft used expression, but maybe it doesn't give enough context. Want context?

Today, I walked passed a Starbucks. I found myself thinking, "Hmm... if I could work one day on the weekend, and maybe two nights a week..." and "if I could work 20 hours a week, I'd get health benefits..." This continued for a while.

Tonight, I come home, turn on my laptop, and check my bank account. "Bingo. One hour left until payday and I made it!"

That's context. I'm poor. Send money.

Now, if I only got paid per plea, as some of my clients would have you believe...


  1. I felt so bad for you after reading your post that I'm sending you three dollars via PayPal to get a cup of coffee the next time you pass by StarBucks. I just hope three bucks can still get coffee at StarBucks.

  2. Oh m'gosh, do I have the best blog fans, or what?

    (I've been reading a book where the main character has a Texas accent, in case you're wondering where the Oh m'gosh comes from.)

    If I ever do get a job at Starbucks, you can expect a free coffee on me. =)

  3. I'm not sure where you are and what you make, but as a PD in CT, I must say that while the wages aren't what one would make as a first year associate at a law firm, they certainly are quite reasonable (for one without a family). I keep hearing about how the PD system is in much of a shambles in states like Louisiana and Virginia, but I don't hear much about some of the better systems in the country, such as in CT. They really have done a remarkable job here.

    Ever been told by a client that they want a 'real attorney'?