Turkey Day TV

Alright everybody, calm down, I'm back. And, thanks for missing me.

I went to see my family for Thanksgiving and had a lovely, relaxing holiday during which I hardly thought about criminal law or my clients or court or my cases at all. That was nice.

I did, of course, think about criminal law while watching television. (As in, "That wouldn't be admissible!" or "You'd think they would've heard of privilege!") My father and I watched a lot of television. That's his thing.

One funny point came when we saw a commercial for the T-Mobile Sidekick. In the commercial, Snoop Dogg isn't sure how to use fabric softener. He uses his sidekick (some sort of phone-IM-type device) to ask, among others, Molly Shannon, Paris Hilton, and Wee Man. It's not clear to me whether you can use the sidekick to send messages to many people at once (like a chat room?), or whether all of those people were forwarding messages to each other, or what. If you could send the messages to everyone at one time, then that was probably the point of the commercial, and I missed it.

Anyway, after the commercial, I said to my father, "Wow, they had a lot of celebrities in that one commercial."

And my father responded, "Yeah, I'm going to have to get that fabric softener."

Talk about a commercial not getting its point across.


  1. I love it when paris says "snoop does his own laundry? That's hot"

    I had no idea what the commercial was about.

  2. Speaking of law on TV shows. Why is it that on CSI the defendant never asks for a lawyer. They always let the CSI team intimidate them into admitting guilt.

  3. because the CSI do not screw up - Ever. They always get the right guy and if they get the wrong guy they admit it and go back to the evidence. Because they don't convict people - the evidence does.

    Long live CSI and ordinary folks who think the cops can really do that stuff.

    Now, if only we could get cops who would actually try to get fingerprints.