Thanksgiving Feast On a Roll

This is really important, so listen up.

I get my lunch at the same sandwich shop every day. And it's good. They're nice there, they know me, they know my order, and they start making my sandwich as soon as I walk in. It feels nice to get my lunch where everybody knows me. And, more importantly, the owner/manager will throw in a free bag of chips or a soda from time to time. And I like to patronize businesses where the customer service is good.

But recently, I noticed that a nearby competitor sandwich shop had a sign up for a limited time special, called the pilgrim sandwich. This sandwich is made with turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing. And, since these are some of my favorite foods, I decided to stop in and try a pilgrim.

I felt a little conflicted, of course. I thought maybe the people at my regular sandwich shop would see me walking by with their competitor's bag and be sad or jealous. But, I rationalized, that's their fault for not offering a similar thanksgiving-feast-on-a-roll. I also promised myself that I'd go back to my regular sandwich shop right after Thanksgiving (or whenever this "limited time" ends.)

Then I ran into another problem. The people at the pilgrim sandwich shop just weren't nice. I'd come in all smiles, but leave there feeling annoyed. Here's an example:

One day I went in for the pilgrim sandwich. Since I had bought it... oh, say 3 times that week, I knew exactly what the total would come to. And, it came to that amount exactly. $4.33. So, as the young lady rang up the total, I got out a five dollar bill and a quarter, a nickel and three pennies, thinking that I could lighten some of the change out of my wallet.

The girl took my money and gave me a handful of change in return. I explained to her that there had been a mix up, and asked her for a dollar bill. She hemmed and hawed (Ha! that's a funny expression, isn't it? Sort of southern, I guess) until finally some obviously more senior employee came over and said, "Just give her the money."

I didn't really like the way I was treated, and I faced a dilemma - Is it more important to patronize friendly businesses with good customer service, or is it more important to eat tasty pilgrim sandwiches for a limited time only?

Well, today I finally gave in and went back for a pilgrim sandwich. Yes, all this turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce is a little sick, I know.

After I ordered my pilgrim sandwich, there was another lady trying to decide what to order. She too hemmed and hawed (I'm loving that expression!) and I turned to her and said, "You should get the pilgrim. It's delicious, I love it." And she did - She ordered the pilgrim.

When she walked away from the counter, the employee told me, "I am the manager here. Tomorrow, I give you a free pilgrim sandwich because you said you love it."

"Really?" I gushed. (Although, in my head, I was thinking, "That's the least you could do to win me over after the rest of your employees are so rude.") And Mr. Manager said, "Yes of course. Tomorrow, you say that I give you a free pilgrim sandwich."

Now, here's the final dilemma in this string of pilgrim sandwich dilemmas: TOMORROW IS VETERANS' DAY! And I'm not going to work!

Do you think I should march right in there on Friday, as if it was the next day (which it sort of is, in terms of business days), and ask for my free pilgrim sandwich?

Help me, anybody!


  1. Yes. That is exactly what you should do. What's the manager going to say, "I meant you could get a free sandwich yesterday, but today -- forget it" ? And to assuage your guilt and allow you to have your sandwich and eat it too, maybe you should suggest the pilgrim sandwich (called a Thanksgiving sandwich in these parts) to your usual friendly sandwich shop.

  2. Well, I understand your dilemma and often wonder the same thing. Here in Balto we've got a cable company called comcast. They suck. If you go to epinions they have two stars and everyone says their customer service sucks. So, I thought about going with Direct TV because they are supposed to be better but did I? No, even though I had to wait for them on two separate occasions to set up my cable, even though they were late (I mean really late) I still went with stupid comcast and I know I will regret it.

    Go get your free pilgrim sandwich and then go back to your regular shop. They (the pilgrim shop) will never give good cs if they know they don't have to. Before you leave them, though, tell them that while you love the pilgrim, you hate their attitude. For a small business, that is the kiss of death and hopefully they will change it.

  3. oh my god you a spoiled American who must not realize that your trivial problems are bullshit! If you had asked for a dollar instead of the change that I had provided you at my sandwich shop I would have slapped you for being retarded. THERE ARE STARVING CHILDREN OUT THERE AND YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN.