Overworked and Underappreciated

I've thought about whether or not I would want a client or D.A. to find my blog. (The answer is no, and that's why I try to keep my blog a little vague.)

But I've never given any thought to finding a client's or D.A.'s blog.

Well, tonight, it happened.

I wasn't searching for a client's name or anything. Actually, I was looking for a particular news article I had seen awhile ago. Among the hits I found a "Free [My Former Client]" website.

(Side note: We're talking "free" as in "free me from prosecution," not "free me from jail," because he's not in jail.)

Anyway, I say former because this client has hired a private attorney. So, what did the website say about me? Nothing much, really. All it said was that he was trying to raise money for a private attorney because his court appointed attorney was overworked.

And, that's true. I'm overworked. And I fully believe that anyone who can afford a private attorney should hire one. It supports the private attorneys who are trying to make a living and it frees up my time for clients who truly need my services.

So, nothing surprising. It's not like I found an inmate's blog talking about his hot lawyer or anything. Just that I'm overworked.

But still, I never really thought anyone was writing about me. I'm going to have to keep my eyes open more.

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