My Brush With Reality Fame

Ok. One more reality tv story. But that's all for tonight, you hear?

In the interest of full disclosure, I figured that if I'm writing about other people's brushes with reality tv, it'd only be fair to share my own experience.

A few months ago, I got an email that Fox was casting a reality show and was looking for young lawyers. And, yes, I went on an audition.

What was I thinking? I guess I thought it might be fun. I like reality tv, and when I'm watching it I often wonder about the audition process. Where do they get these people? And what do they tell them?

At the time that I got the audition appointment, I had no idea what the concept of the show was supposed to be.

Actually - it was kind of funny. My boyfriend was waiting for me when I came out of the audition.
"How'd it go?"
"Well, it was kind of good. I don't know. At first, they wanted to take some pictures, and they wanted me to take off my jacket."
"Ok, and then what?"
"Yeah, then they wanted me to take off my shirt. I figured, you know, it's Fox."
"WHAT?" He freaked out until I had to tell him, calm down, none of that happened.

Anyway, I found out later that the concept of the show was to pit ivy league lawyers against public interest and public school lawyers in different competitions with the ultimate reward being some big firm job, sort of like The Apprentice for the legal field.

Eh, I had no interest in that. First, I'm somewhat competitive, but I've never seen the point in competing in hypothetical situations like mock trial. My time is much better put to use helping actual people. Second, what kind of reward is a big firm job? Sounds more like a punishment to me.

I noticed that the emails searching for lawyers continued for months and figured they were having a hard time casting the show.

Finally, I guess the show morphed into a spoof of the original The Apprentice concept, because the same production company - Rocket Science Laboratories - is now responsible for My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss.

I caught the first episode last night, and it was pretty entertaining - but definitely not something I'd want to be associated with. The contestants are ivy league types being put through humiliating tasks for the ultimate prize of a position with an (imaginary) company. There's a scene from a future episode where the contestants are being hit with paintballs at a desk in a field while trying to fax a document.

"Paper Jam! Paper Jam!" they're yelling. Priceless.


  1. Maybe the job was a fake from the start. They wouldn't have told you.

  2. That's true. Maybe I would've been the next to be fooled on national television.

    Phew. Close call.