More on Kiddie Prosecutors

A friend who is also friends with the kiddie prosecutor mentioned this morning, "You know, apparently, [the juvenile prosecutor friend] isn't happy at her new job."

"Really?" I asked.

"No, she doesn't really like the people she works with."

At this point, I could just not hold back. "Why? Because they're all... prosecutors?"

"I guess she thought there'd be more people like her..."

"And it turns out there all just a bunch of people who get off on locking kids up and throwing away the key?"

"Pretty much."


Actually, it reminds me of another kiddie prosecutor story. A few months ago, I went to a seminar on Criminal Trial Advocacy. The professor (a criminal court judge) wanted to get a sense of everyone's practice area and experience level so he asked every to go around and say their name, where they work, and how many years they've been practicing. (It was a small crowd.)

There were a few law clerks and people looking for jobs, a few prosecutors, a few public defenders, a few people at firms (some exclusively criminal, some general practice). Most stated their information nonchalantly and seemed to find the entire process boring.

Then, we got to this one girl. I'm telling you, it was strange. As we went around the room, she seemed like a nice young lady. But then, when it was her turn, all of the sudden her pupils dilated, her face turned red, her hands curled into fists, and she growled, "I am Kathryn and I've been a juvenile prosecutor for 3 years."

Honestly, my first thought was, "Gee, I'm glad no one here brought their kids." I had this mental image of her running around the room, red cape and big basket, snatching up children and eating them for dinner, fairy-tale style. This crazy thought actually made me laugh out loud.

These are the kind of people our juvenile prosecutor friend works with. God help her.

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