Lawyer Sues 'Law & Order' for $15M

You know, if there was a $15M lawsuit to be had every time Law & Order portrays a criminal defense attorney as "crooked," we'd all be raking in a lot more dough.

Every lawyer who has ever defended a high-profile case, or a criminal case in New York City, and New York City's public defender organizations, for that matter, would be set for life. Which would be good - because none of them would ever get hired if defendants/clients believed how defense lawyers are portrayed on L&O.

And I'll admit, I've fumed a few times about the way that L&O portrays defense attorneys. Obviously, it's a very prosection-oriented show. But as a defense attorney, you begin to see that life is very prosecution-oriented.

They say all publicity is good publicity. And now, this lawyer just got publicity from (1) being portrayed on L&O; (2) having his lawsuit publicized; and, most importantly, (3) by having the suit mentioned on Blonde Justice.


  1. Now that's a post I'd like to see. Aside from necessary story streamlining, what's wrong with the L&O defense attorneys?

    Surely they can't be portrayed as badly as the prosecutors, who often charge the wrong person, sometimes even intentionally threatening to charge someone they know is innocent in order to coerce a family member into confessing. Sometimes they even go after someone they want to nail and then try to pin various charges on them. Surly real prosecutors wouldn't be allowed to behave like this, even if they were unethical enough to want to, right?

  2. I didn't forget. That post is coming. Eventually.