Funniest Part of the Day

Sitting in church this morning. During the sermon, I hear a little girl a few rows behind me start whining.

"Mommmmmmmy, I waaaaaaaant my mmmphupuph." (Whatever that is.)

Someone (mommy?) whispers patiently, "Ssshhh, you have to be quiet."

But the whining continues. "Mommmmmmmy."

Again, mommy shushes the kid.

And the whining continues. "Mommmmmmmmy." Honestly, you'd think the kid was dying the way she slowly stretched out the word in such a tortured whine.

I guess Mommy had enough because the next thing everyone in the church hears is Mommy saying, just a little too loud, "JESUS CHRIST! BE QUIET!"

I just realized I forgot the funniest part of the story!

Then, a little later in the service, there's a part where we pray for particular people. First, the pastor prays for sick members, people in our church who are going through difficult times, etc. Then the pastor says "And all whom we name before you now, either silently or aloud."

Most people stay quiet, but you can hear a few people muttering the names of friends and loved ones.

At the very end of quiet moments, right before the Pastor started to speak again, we also heard "Mommy" in the back praying for, "My daughters."

A few people in the church couldn't keep themselves from laughing.

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  1. LOL that's the best laugh I've had today :)!

    Thanks for sharing!