Christmas Wish List

In case you were having a hard time coming up with something to get me for Christmas... I've thought about it, and I'd really like something like this.

It doesn't have to be that exact model or brand (there are a lot more out there, so you'd want to look for the most memory for your buck), but I like the idea of a little portable USB drive. (Although, most seem to be USB 2.0 and I'm not sure that I have that.)

Here's why: For example, right now, if I'm working on trial prep. When I'm at the office, I'll start working on a direct exam, for example. When I'm ready to go home, I email it to myself. I get home and work on it some more, and email it back to myself so I can get to it in the office the next day. That's a pain. Then I have all of these files on my email and I have to worry about whether I'm using the most recent update. And, heaven forbid, email is down, am I going to end up at trial saying "Uh... um...?" And, then, there's times when I get home and say "Oh, I should've sent that other file too." This way, I don't have to worry about that.

Just a suggestion. Thanks.


  1. A Kingston drive of the same size and speed is over 20 dollars cheaper.

    I have one. It's only 128Mb but that's more than enough for whatever I usually need so I can't really justify buying the new 512Mb USB 2.0 one. I'll probably break down eventually.
    They're really useful. If mine broke I'd immediately have to get a new one.

  2. You need to do a bit of research on the best type of drive to get. I have used Lexars, and they are electronically reliable, but physically they seem to deteriorate. However, I have noticed, that it works just as well for me to burn a DVD or CDR when I want to move a lot of files between home and office.

  3. My vote is for one of those little USB flash memories. They work like a dream, are fast, etc. Only problem I have seen is that they are small enough to get lost. I lost one a year ago, and still haven't found it.

    Sure, you can burn CDs to move to and from work. But that is a pain, and then you have to get rid of them, and if you are an atty., and this is your work product, you can't just throw them away. But you had better, just in case you get hit someday with discovery (maybe I am more paranoid about this, as I work primarily as a patent atty., and if you litigate a patent, you always go after the drafting atty's notes, which, if he is any good, were routinely destroyed years before).

    If you have a laptop though, just get a crossover ethernet cable (I got mine for under $5 at Fry's Electronics in PHX). Don't need a router, hub, or anything, and you transfer back and forth at 100mb. I sync my home and laptop systems at least once a month this way.