67 cent Mashed Potatoes

Tell me what you make of this...

I'm at a fast food restaraunt this evening, picking up some dinner to bring back to the office. (Sad, isn't it?) At each register, they have a little flat screen television monitor thingee. And there's a message flashing on there like, "What can you get with your change?" Around the message were pictures of different side dishes. I thought it was like a "dollar menu" or something.

Then, it flashed things like "Save 40%" and "Save 60%" I didn't really know what that could mean, so I started touching it, but that didn't do anything.

Then, the woman rang up my order. I got a sandwich combo and it came to $5.33. Then a message appeared on the screen. It said "Make it $6 and get:" Then there were 2 choices: mashed potatoes or some dessert pie thing. And then, underneath each of the choices, was the percent I would save by buying that item at 67 cents rather than full price.

It was bizarre, but definitely a good idea. I felt like we were on Let's Make a Deal. How many times do people just leave their change behind, and instead, they could now get an item for it? And I wondered, if my meal came to $5.99, would I have the option to buy a side dish for one cent? And, do you think the employees are going to see a drop in their tip jar when people could use their change to buy another item instead of dropping a few cents into the tip cup? I also wonder whether this will be the way of the future (like "Would you like fries with that?") or will it only be at this one restaraunt? Perhaps most importantly, I'm talking about it (free advertising, if only I'd mention their name, which I won't because it might ruin my geographical anonymity thing) and I'm even tempted to go back there and try it.

I will keep you posted.


  1. e-mail me and tell me what restaurant that was. It sounds bizarre!

  2. Clever idea. I love mashed potatoes!

  3. Thats very weird, but i am starting to worry about your obsession with the details of buying lunch. lol