The Thinks I Think

Santa Claus has a first name. (Santa, of course.) But does Mrs. Claus even have a first name?

Because if not, I think that's sexist. Mrs. Claus needs to come out and form her own identity and be her own woman. And she should start by getting a first name.


  1. Really? Jessica seems like sort a modern name for old Mrs. Claus. That's bizarre.

  2. Hey, it was a kids' animated movie written in 1970, narrated by Fred Astaire, abount to crazy kids named Kris and Jessica who make a go of it. I'm not saying that the filmmakers researched it or anything.

    In 1899 Katherine Lee Bates wrote Goody Santa Claus, A Sleigh Ride, which is the first appearance of of Mrs. Claus. So you can go with Goody if you want, although it's probably a contraction of "goodwife," which may not have quite the feminist angle you're looking for.

    In the more recent Santa Claus 2, Santa marries a lady named Carol Newman. This might be a little better, because (a) Carol has a last name too, and (b) whereas Jessica was a school teacher, Carol is the school principal.

    (I love the internet.)


  3. Well, I'm impressed.

    And proud for Mrs. Claus, whatever her name might be.

  4. I searched google for What Mrs.Claus' first name was and I came across your site.

    all I can say is:
    Sexist! wtf? seriously.

  5. Really? You're unable to understand it?

    For decades, the feminist movement has argued that identifying a woman only by her husband's name or identity is sexist. Why can't a woman be known for herself - not her husband's accomplishments?

    I'm a lawyer, I make a big difference in many peoples' lives. I hope when I die my tombstone doesn't read "Mr. Whoever's Wife."