Survey Says?

I think Family Feud is a great game show. Growing up, we watched Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune most nights. My father and I would shout out most of the answers during Jeopardy. My mother would complain, "Let's change the channel. I don't even understand what they're asking about." During Wheel of Fortune, my father and I shouted out the answers while the contestants were still buying vowels. My mother would complain, "Stop it. You never let me guess."

But Family Feud isn't like that. It's truly a game for everyone. When my grandmother was alive, I'd watch the Family Feud with her and we'd laugh every time the host, Richard Dawson, kissed one of the female contestants (weren't those kisses just a little too intimate from a game show host?) Actually, when I was a kid, I asked my father what happened to Richard Dawson when he stopped hosting the show, and he told me "He got a disease from kissing all of those ladies."

But, the point is, anyone, young or old, smart or... not so smart, can "Name an animal you might see in a zoo." In fact, it might be to a contestant's advantage to be not so smart. On Family Feud, the ability to think like an average American is an attribute.

But the way I figure it, unless you have a very small family you're going to start a family feud just by picking your team for the Family Feud. I've thought before about who would I chose to be on my Family Feud team. Me, my boyfriend, my father, and my father's two sisters maybe? But that leaves out my mother's whole family. They wouldn't do as well (not by a long shot), but they'd be a lot more likely to express their displeasure and not being chosen.

As the representative of the family, you also have to come up with interesting introductions for your family. For example, "This is my very handy father, George, My very talented Aunt Linda, My beautiful Aunt Lydia, and my loving husband Joey." I can see that causing yet another feud ("Oh, sure, she's beautiful and I'm just 'talented?'")

But here's the biggest problem with Family Feud - the grand prize just isn't all that grand. Tune in and you'll see a family jumping around at the prospect of Twenty Thousand Dollars. Twenty Thousand Dollars? Split between 5 people? No wonder all of the families on the show are from California - your winnings wouldn't even cover airfare and a hotel. What a ripoff.

I wonder if it'd be possible to make more money on 100 Mexicanos Dijeron. Maybe with a favorable exchange rate?

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  1. I think your family feud post is hilarious. I used to always watch that show. I didn't tell anybody at first, but one by one you realize that all your friends like it to and it is acceptable to laugh about. I always wondered what the women who weren't kissed thought. That really sucks that a drunk that kisses anything with two legs will only shake your hand. long story short I think what you said is on point. I also like your entire blog. It is very good.