Must... Blog... About... Ashlee

So, the big news of the morning, for those of you who slept through Saturday Night Live last night, is about Ashlee Simpson.

And, since so many people find my blog by searching for Ashlee Simpson, I thought I'd better post about it. (By the way, if you're just looking for pictures of Ashlee, read this.)

So, as you know from reading this blog, I like Ashlee. I loved her show, I think she's cute (but was cuter when she had blonde hair), and yes, I even think she's talented. I think it's kind of cool how she overcame her sister's shadow and started her own successful music career. (Although, I understand the converse argument that she may've never had access to the people and opportunities that she did without her sister.)

Anyway, Ashlee was the musical guest on SNL last night. I tivo-ed it. And, here's what happened:

For her first song, she performed "Pieces of Me." If I had to guess, upon watching it, I would've guessed it was probably lip sync-ed. Mostly because I'm a little suspicious when a live artist's performance sounds exactly like the album version. I just think that if I were to sing the same song over and over one thousand times, you'd hear the slightest variation in every version. Anyway, so she sang (or "sang") Pieces of Me as her first song.

Later in the episode, it's time for Ashlee's second song. She's on the stage, dancing around as the music starts. But, the song is Pieces of Me. Again. Obviously a mistake. Then the vocals start. Yup, the same vocals from the first song. And Ashlee doesn't even have the mic to her mouth, because she's too busy looking lost. Her band is behind her, still strumming their guitars as if they're playing the same song again. Ashlee walks off the stage, leaving her band there, still playing their instruments.

About a minute into the song, SNL goes to commercial.

And, here's the strangest part... at the very end of the episode, when everyone comes out to say their goodbyes, Ashlee says, "Sorry everyone, my band played the wrong song..." What? Yeah, if by "band," you mean "CD." And how classless is that to blame it on her band? They were out there looking just as foolish as she was.

If you missed it, has the video on their Entertainment page.

I'm going out to let my real talent show, not to just stand there and dance around. Personally, I'd never lip-synch. It's just not me.
- Ashlee Simpson in Lucky Magazine

Of course, this raises questions of whether Ashlee has been lip syncing all along and we were all Milli Vanilli-ed all over again. I don't really think so. Either way, I was pretty fooled by all of the studio shots of her on her show, Ashlee. Besides, if she was faking that, why would she fake making herself sound terrible and messing up so many times?

It may also raise the question of whether or not Jessica Simpson also lip syncs, since they're both managed by their father.

So, what should Ashlee's next move be? She needs to go on Leno or Letterman or Ellen or The View (or whatever show will take her, frankly) as soon as possible. She needs to be really candid about the fact that she was lip syncing and explain why. She needs to come across as sincere and apologetic and not just blame it on her band, SNL, or her "people." Then, right then and there, she needs to stand up and perform her song a cappella. In my mind, that's probably the only way she's going to overcome this.

But, I guess if all else fails, she can just blame it on the rain.


  1. Vary nice..
    I didn't find your blog looking for anything. I'm just stuck at work on a Sunday and was clickin' away on the updated blogs.
    Good readin'

  2. you have to pay to watch the video on What?

  3. I did see it and it was pretty funny. I'm sure she's the one who sings it on the recording. They can make ANYONE sound good nowadays. They just do each line over and over until its perfect. She even said that on her show. My favorite part on the show was how she was 'writing' this song 'Peices of You' and she had to call the guy to see if she was done 'writing' it yet. =P
    Hey were'nt you knocking JoJo last month? =P Same story. I guess we're all just jealous because all it takes is some marketing person's decision to make your hit album. They just have to hire the right producer and if you can carry a tune you're gonna go platinum. It usually works. Although the first Lindsey Lohan video sucks but I'm sure they'll just keep throwing money at that problem until it works out and they have a hit. Sort of like Jlo who in my opinion just inherited Selena's audience from a b rate movie.

  4. I feel sorry for her because I know that Jessica is probably being a total evil witch about the whole thing. Yeah.

  5. How would you know that Jessica would be an evil witch about it?