Incest Insurance?

Has anyone else seen this commercial?

A dad comes home, carrying the dry cleaning. Among the dry cleaning, he notices a sexy strappy red dress. He turns to his wife, and holds it up and seems to imagine what his wife looks like in this dress. She doesn't seem to notice, but he looks pleased.

His teenage daughter comes down the stairs, grabs the dress from him, and says, "Thanks dad." Dad looks surprised (and possibly a little embarassed) to realize that it's his daughter's (not his wife's) dress.

Later, we see the dad going up the stairs, and his daughter coming down the stairs, this time in a softball uniform. As she passes him, she says something like, "See you later, dad."

After she passes, he turns around to look at her again. And checks her out.

The voice over somehow incorporates State Farm Insurance into all of this.

Whatever. I'm just saying, that dad totally checked his daughter out. I'm totally icked out by that. If you have State Farm, call and cancel. And, you know that if it was my client looking at his daughter like that, he'd be arrested for something.

If you saw something other than incest in this commercial, let me know. But I saw incest ablooming.


  1. Holy crap! I swear to god when my husband and I saw that commercial we both looked at each other and were like WTF??? It was soooo gross!! Then I thought, well, maybe I'm just perverted because of my job or something. But no, its not just us.

  2. The commercial freaked me out a little too. The only think I can think of is that he saw his wife in his daughter, or one of those "man, she's really grown up quick" realizations. Although, if he started porking her, that would all fly out the window (and wouldn't hold up in court, I'm sure). Your Honor, I know I was in my daughter's room...but honest...I thought I was boinking my wife.

  3. I'm not denying that you can read an innocent explanation into the commercial. But I don't see it so innocently. I think that commercial is... less than wholesome.

  4. You are sick!
    You obviously don't have children.
    Maybe you need to go to church.
    Not everything is about sex. Twisted...

  5. Everything may not be about sex, but if you watch the commercial the producers clearly wanted to get you thinking about sex.

  6. Exactly! Why else would they use a sexy red dress?

    If the point was just "Gee, my little girl is growing up," they could've showed the little girl driving a car for the first time, leaving for a date, getting dressed for prom, at a graduation, or trying on her wedding dress. These are all milestones that we associate with "My little girl is growing up."

    A strappy red dress has nothing to do with that.

  7. I have an even bigger question:
    has anybody gotten state farm insurance because of this commercial?

  8. Isn't the state farm slogan "like a good neighbor, state farm is there"?

    Anybody see American Beauty? Wasn't that about about a guy who wants to get it on with his teenage neighbor? I'm starting to piece this all together. . give me a minute. . . .

  9. QUOTE: "And, you know that if it was my client looking at his daughter like that, he'd be arrested for something."

    It's not a crime, nor should it be, to look at one's daughter, son, mother, or father. As long as you don't invade the other person's privacy (like peeking at them while they're showering or something to this effect) or physically assaulting them against their will, you haven't committed a crime. (I say "against their will" because I believe consensual adult incest shouldn't be illegal.)

    QUOTE: "...or one of those 'man, she's really grown up quick' realizations."

    That's what I think it is. I haven't actually seen the commercial for myself, but I highly suspect that this was the motivation of the advertisers, not incest. Incest doesn't typically sell products/services, after all.

    QUOTE: "Anybody see American Beauty?"

    Yes, it was a great film. I recommend it to everyone.

    QUOTE: "Wasn't that about about a guy who wants to get it on with his teenage neighbor?"

    It had many topics. If I had to sum up all the topics into one, I'd say it's about the traditional disfunctional American family. But yes, the narrator wants to have sex with his daughter's friend. That remains the case up until the end, when he realises that she's a virgin. At that point he recognises an innocence in her that she hadn't expressed previously, and decides he doesn't want to have sex with her. Then his neighbor kills him. (Sorry for giving away the ending, to anybody who hasn't seen it yet.)