I Have a Cell Phone, and I Vote

I believe that Joe Trippi, Howard Dean's former campaign manager, was the first to point out the potential problem of polling this election raised by cell-phone only users.

This story, Cell Phones Slow Down Election Pollsters, adopts the idea as its own.

One interesting point in the article is:
Both surveys found that cell phone-only users tend to be younger, non-white and lower income. They also tend to work part-time or not at all and typically live in more urban areas.

Maybe I'm the anomaly, but I consider myself to be a cell-phone only user. I do have a home phone, but I don't give out the number and, therefore, have no reason to answer it when it rings. I fit the above description in that I'm younger (Younger than whom? Than many Americans, I guess), and I'm of lower income (lower than whom? Um, richer lawyers mostly. And doctors.) I also live in a more urban area (more urban that Boise, that's for sure.) However, I'm also white and I work waaay more than part-time.

And I vote.

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