Help Me Help You

Dear Tony La Russa,

Won't you please let me go with you the next time you go to pick out a new pair of glasses?

I really think we can do better than this.

Blonde Justice

p.s. Go Cardinals!


  1. True or False: Tony La Russa is a physical reincarnation of Pete Rose.

    Us Sox fans smell something in the air - what is it? Oh yes. The sweet, sweet smell of victory.

  2. Oooh, I am so tempted to delete that last comment.

    But I won't. I'll respect my readers opinions.

    In fact, I've started thinking that maybe if I root for the Sox, they'll lose. But I just can't bring myself to do it.

    We do, however, need to do something about those tinted glasses, Tony. We can get you a pair of regular glasses, and then a pair of sunglasses. We can get you contacts and sunglasses. We can even get you those glasses that change in the light. But no more tints.

    On the next episode of Baseball Makeovers by Blonde Justice: Cleaning up the Red Sox. Shaves and haircuts all around!

  3. You don't think those glasses are kind of hip?