Time to open some reader mail.

Anonymous, from, well, somewhere, writes...

You are sick!
You obviously don't have children.
Maybe you need to go to church.
Not everything is about sex. Twisted...

Thanks for your questions, Anonymous.

First, am I sick? Nah, I think "sick" is a strong word. Are my perceptions of everyday events distorted by the work that I do? Most likely. And I think that most peoples' are. Whether you're a teacher, a lawyer, or a Purdue chicken factory worker. I see incest and sex crimes every day, so maybe I think it's less of a sensitive topic. But if you don't think it happens, you're fooling yourself.

Second, do I have children? Nope.

Third, do I go to church? Yes, I do. I don't blog about it much because I like to write about what I would like to read about and, frankly, I think that religious blogs are boring. I'm not saying religion is bad or that religious blogs are bad, I'm just saying they don't interest me just like a blog about power tools wouldn't interest me. However, I do attend church regularly, I volunteer and give to charities, and, perhaps most importantly, I feel that the work that I do is God's work. I believe that working as a public defender is something that is supported by the Bible in that I help the poor and that I seek justice for those that are most often overlooked.

Fourth, you note that not everything is about sex. I agree. In fact, I think that most women would agree.

Finally, twisted? Yes, I thought the commercial was.

Thanks again for your questions. And if you have any more questions, please send them anonymously to my comments box. I'll be sure to answer them when I'm not too busy doing God's work.

Editor's Note: I realize that this comment may have really been in response to the previous comment, which read
The commercial freaked me out a little too. The only think I can think of is that he saw his wife in his daughter, or one of those "man, she's really grown up quick" realizations. Although, if he started porking her, that would all fly out the window (and wouldn't hold up in court, I'm sure). Your Honor, I know I was in my daughter's room...but honest...I thought I was boinking my wife.
That might actually make more sense. But, far be it from me to ignore a reader's comments...

And, if you got here late, and you're wondering where all of this is coming from, it all started with this post.


  1. I think you are sick and twisted and I also happen to think just about everything is about sex. And I don't go to church (but that's because I'm not Christian). I also think that the work you do is God's work, that your perspective is a lot more realistic because you interact with the Id, the basest, most brutal aspects of humankind that we manage to hide away with our learned social skills, and that you are funny and honest. In addition, if everything were not about sex, we probably would not have progressed very much at all.

    That's my comment and I'm sticking to it.

  2. I left the anonymous post trying to find a positive spin on the State Farm ad that used terms like "poking" and "boinking" and wanted to say something further, should the "I think you're sick" post be referring to me & my post.

    Whether or not I am sick is your decision to make.
    I do not, nor will I ever have, children.
    I do not go to church. I have yet to find an organized religion that shares my spiritual beliefs that will not try to force (preach) those beliefs on someone who may or may not have beliefs of their own.
    I do not think everything is about sex. But, I have this ability to put a sexual spin on just about anything. I am sorry if that offended you.

    I still believe that the ad is more of a coming of age type ad. I agree that it would have relayed the same message if the ad had been about the daughter driving a car or some other "coming of age" moment. However, we live in a society where the mantra of every marketing agency seems to be "Sex sells". And it does. Sex, or scantily-clad, physically attractive sex-incinuating people are used to sell everything from alcohol to medicine to magazines to bath soap.
    I can't fault the marketing agency for putting the ad together. I'm sure it's substantially toned down from their next Herbal Essences or Fear Factor commercial.
    I could fault State Farm for choosing to air it, which is what I think the goal of the original post was. In today's marketing world, I don't think his glance was meant to imply that he was checking out his own daughter. I see how it can be taken that way, but I still don't think that's how it was intended to come across.

    If your post was a troll, congratulations, you got under my skin. If you were offended by my post, I apologize. That was not my intent.

    I also don't think it's right to bash me here, I understand why, because there is no way to contact me directly. If you feel a need to discuss this further, feel free to contact me directly.