Christmas List

Men, (and I know I have male readers), may I suggest something nice you can purchase for the woman in your life on your next gift giving occasion?

What you need to do is get the Victoria's Secret Christmas 2004 catalog. (Oh, c'mon, don't act like you don't get it delivered to your home.) Turn to page 30. Yeah, that one.

Here's a photo. Not that it really matters what it looks like, it's just going to be under a t-shirt, right?

Women, here's how to get your man to buy one of these for you. Start off casually flipping through the catalog. Say a few things like "Honey, I need new winter clothes." Then say something like "If I pick out some nice underthings from Victoria's Secret for myself, would you buy them for me?" There you have it, that's a binding contract, ask any lawyer.

And, let's be honest, 10 million dollars really isn't too much to spend on a nice bra, now is it?

p.s. What really freaks me out is the way all V.S. models are de-nippled.

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