Bum Rap

I'm a PD has a new post about representing clients who aren't really eligible for a public defender. Like I'm a PD, I hate that too.

Because she's right. Those people are always jerks. They treat their PDs with disdain (because they're too good for a PD), yet they deny having the funds to hire a private attorney. You can't have it both ways, buddy.

One day, I represented a woman at arraignments who had a very high income. I was representing her for arraignment only, and then she'd have to hire a private attorney. She insisted that she couldn't afford a private attorney. (Yeah right, you make more than me and don't have student loans.) As I often do when a client is being difficult on a particular issue, I decided to table it and asked her a few questions about the incident to prepare my bail app.

She was arrested for possession of a forged instrument. Often, in these cases, the DAs are more interested in the suppliers who are mass producing authentic-looking fake documents, and want to know where our clients bought them. The client was interested in finishing the case and not having to come back (and hire a private attorney). So, I thought that maybe if I got some info I could share with the DA, we could work out at a plea right then. So, I asked the client where she got it, and she said "I bought it from some bum."

Honestly, I was offended. All I could say to her was, "Some bum? Those bums are my clients! I represent those 'bums.' And that's exactly the reason why you need to hire a private attorney!"

Alright, that's enough from me. Go read what I'm a PD has to say on the issue.

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  1. too bad she didnt' get to go to jail with some bums. Man. . . sheesh.