This Must be Pop?

So I'm watching Amazing Race last night (don't worry, I'm not going to give anything away here). When something flashes on the bottom of the screen. Must be something important, right? Weather alert, Amber alert, Terrorism alert?

Nope, worse. It reads "Pop Star In Federal Custody."

Pop Star in Federal Custody? I run through all the pop stars in my mind. Britney? Jessica? Ashlee? Maybe Michael Jackson? But, really, that would've said "King of Pop," wouldn't it? Justin? Maybe Usher? But, he's hip hop.

Finally, I find out what this is all about: Jet diverted after Cat Stevens found on watch list.

Cat Stevens? People, it's time we rethink our definition of "pop star."


  1. My question is this:

    I thought Jousef Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) renounced his career in the music business when he converted. Why then is he on a flight headed utlitamely to Nashville to begin recording a new album under a new recording contract. Maybe he's trying to defect. Come back Cat, Jesus still loves you!. (Oh wait. . .is that Sacrilegious?)

  2. Redefine the word pop star? How about we need to redefine the word "terrorist"? Cat Stevens? The guy who sung "Moonshadow?"