On Punches and E-Mails

Look, I'll just come out and say it. Don't anticipate my blog to be very law-related this weekend. Because I've got enough law stressing me out, and I'm blogging to get away from it.

Anyway - check this out. Kevin Brown, a starting pitcher for the NY Yankees, broke his (non-pitching) hand after last night's game by punching a wall in the clubhouse. He says that he plans to continue his starts, some of the sports writers think it's not too likely. Either way, it really leaves me thinking "Dude, you get paid $15 million dollars a season for something you do with your hands. If you don't want the money, send it to me. But don't be stupid."

Oh, and I got a new e-mail address! It's blondejustice at gmail dot com. If you feel like writing to me.

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