A Little Help?

Alright... there's nothing law-related here... just a general question.

Let's say you volunteered to do something. Well, volunteer isn't exactly the word, let's say someone said "C'mon, come to this thing I'm doing..." and sort of roped you into doing something. We'll call it volunteering though, since you're an adult and could've found a tactful way to get out of it if you really wanted to.

Anyway, let's say this volunteer gig took you a few hours a week. A few hours of your very precious time. And let's say there were a few other volunteers and a few people on a paid staff.

And let's say you somewhat enjoyed doing it, but eh, you could take it or leave it. What I'm saying is, it was o.k. (it's not like you hated it), but you definitely weren't doing it because it was your passion.

Now let's say this volunteer program worked on some sort of cycle, where you didn't really have to do anything with it over the summer. And you think that, if you wanted, you could maybe use that to help you get out volunteering in the next cycle. As in, "Hey, I know I did it last year, but this year I'm really busy... I wish I could... sorry."

So, you were thinking of doing that. Because, hey, after all, if you're going to spend a few hours a week volunteering, it should be something you enjoy or something you really care about, right?

And then, let's say, you find out that all of the other "volunteers" had been GETTING PAID.

You'd definitely quit, right?

Your opinions please.


  1. Definitely.

    Like your blog by the way :).

  2. Yeah; now that you've been given a dose of reality, it's time for you to give back.

  3. I'd demand the same payment the other 'volunteers' were getting. If that was not forthcoming, I'd walk.

  4. Depends. The only volunteer work I do, I'd pay them if I had to. I get a lot out of it.

  5. Yes, I would quit. I was in a similar position myself. Someone said, "You want to help me on this pro bono case"? Sure, I thought. Well, it turns out that he or she was also getting paid.

    But back to you, quit.

  6. I'd not return, and I wouldn't mention the pay thing at all. I'd just say exactly what you did in your post - it was OK, I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either and with my limited time, I can't see volunteering any of it unless I really want to be involved.

    I mean, that's what cash contributions are all about, right? I think what you are doing is good work, but it doesn't hit me where I live. Here's some money.