The Legal Limit

You know you've been reading too much true believer when...

Last night I'm watching CSI. The M.E. did an autopsy on a stipper. The stripper died in a hotel room, there was no allegation that she had been driving. The M.E. said, "Her B.A.C. was .3" and the CSI responded, "That's 3 times over the legal limit."

Legal limit for what? For being a stripper? She wasn't driving! There's no "legal limit" for how drunk you can be in everyday life! How is any legal limit even relevant? Sheesh.


  1. There WILL be a legal limit if some people have their way. There is a national movement that started with a group of housewives on the east coast. They have accumulated a lot of power, and they get hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in donation. They call themselves W.A.D.S.

    I think it stands for Wives Against Drunk Stripping.

  2. That's not an uncommon expression in law enforcement circles. It's shorthand for x times the legal limit for driving. Typically, I've heard it used to describe how drunk a drunk in public defendant was. But you knew that, right? [-)

    P.S. didn't almost everyone raise the drunk driving BAC to .08 after being bullied by congress? That'd make her closer to four times the limit than to three

  3. that is a good idea. strippers should have a legal limit.

  4. I believe that the legal limit for stripping is 18 -- 14 in Kentucky.

  5. Maybe the hotel had some sort of policy?
    By the way, That's two posts in a row about strippers. . .
    What's up with that?