Fairy Tale Wedding (Take 2)

Went to a wedding. Because that's what I always do.

The weddings I've gone to this summer have varied a lot. One was kind of a homemade low-key affair, one was a not-too-religious but pretty and on-the-beach kind of affair. This latest one involved a Catholic Mass. In Polish and English.

The Polish Catholic Mass was long and a little boring. Ok, a lot boring. But there was this one part that cracked me up.

A few hours into it, I could tell we were finally at the part that calls for some bride and groom participation. At least it would break up the monotony a little bit. You know the part, when the priest asks the questions, like "Do you take this woman...?" And isn't that really the only part of a wedding that matters anyway? So, we get to that part, and the priest starts it off by turning to the groom and asked him, "[Groom], do you enter into this marriage freely and willingly?"

And all I could think was "That's what the judge says when my clients plead guilty!" And it's true. I say a little spiel that my client wants to plead guilty and give up certain rights. And the judge turns to my client and says "[Defendant], do you enter into this plea freely and willingly?"

From now until forever, I will always think of that part of a wedding as "the plea allocution part."

I guess it's just another similarity between marriage and prison.

(See, that made up for the sappiness in my Fairy Tale Wedding post, didn't it?)


  1. Yup, Catholic weddings are long and a study in endurance. My theory on this is that since we aren't allowed to get divorced the Church wants to make sure we really want to get married. All sorts of people will happily go through a 15 minute marriage ceremony but you really must have a burning desire to spend your life with her to jump through all the hoops and endure that ceremony.

    Of course, I've never been to a Catholic wedding without that beer soaked reception to decompress everyone afterward.

  2. I'm so tired of weddings. Another blogger was talking about weddings and registries and the god-awfulness of some of the betrothed couples....

    something must be in the air.

    As for me - I had a record 12 to go to this year. TWELVE!!!

    I think someone owes me a new couch! Instead of refurbishing my living room, I spent my redecorating cash on cut crystal. UGH!