Blind Navigation

A friend went to Massachusetts on vacation. And brought back, as a souvenir gift, a 6-pack of beer Buzzard's Bay Brewery, a local brew.

The other night, I'm sitting there, drinking a bottle, and checking out the label.

Here's the front of the bottle:

I'm sorry the picture isn't too clear, but notice that it depicts something like a map of the area, and a silhouette depicting the bay as the body of a buzzard? Cute, right?

Now, here's the back of the bottle:

You're definitely not going to be able to read it. But it caught my attention, and I started reading it, because it noted that a portion of the profits from the beer sales go to some sort of preserve the bay type of foundation.

The back label also states - I'm not kidding here - "Chart on front not for navigational purposes."

Is this a joke? I mean, seriously, I can picture some fisherman out in their boat, beer in one hand, steering wheel in the other. "Well, according to the beer bottle, we should be at the spot by now."

Gotta love lawyers.


  1. Actually, have you met the people who own boats from Massachusetts? I grew up around a lot of those fools.

    Believe me - there is a good reason for that disclaimer! :)

  2. It's sad what an honest company has to go through just to not get sued by some blood-sucking lawyer.

  3. Next time you meet anyone from the Coast Guard or Sea Tow, ask how many times they've rescued somebody and found out the only chart they had was a roadmap - the chart on the bottle might be more useful! (Finding that the roadmap is actually from the right state is a bonus...)