Staying In With My Smoothie

Now that I can make iced chocolate chai at home, I may never venture out of the air conditioning again. It'd be even easier if I had a Smoothie Pro 600.

Hey, did I ever tell you the smoothie maker story? Fine, I'll tell it, barely exaggerating at all:

Alright, a few years back, my friend's sister was getting married. She happened to be marrying a young man from a wealthy family. Some kind of bigwig of some kind of big company. So, they announced their engagement and had a little engagement party (which the couple paid for themself). The groom's parents didn't bring a gift.

They started planning the wedding, and, as most young couples do, realized the wedding was going to cost more than they ever dreamed. The bride's parents offered to pitch in a little and pay some of the wedding expenses. The groom's family declined to help out.

Around this time, I asked my friend "What's up with that? Don't you think that's a little weird? No offense, but they have so much more money." And he told me, "No, my sister thinks it's because their getting them a really big wedding gift. Like, their first house or something." Alright, sounded good to me.

After the wedding, I call my friend and ask him how it went. "Good," he said, "Everyone had fun." And of course, I had to ask. "So, what did his parents get them?" Big house? College tuition for their first born?

"Oh, you're not going to believe it. They got the nicest gift," he told me.
"Really? What is it?"
"A smoothie maker. It has different speed settings, and it can chop right through ice. You can use it to make fresh fruit shakes, Milk shakes, daiquiris, it's incredible." It was then that I began to suspect that he was being sarcastic.
"A smoothie maker? Are you serious?"
"Yup. A smoothie maker. It's basically a blender with a spigot at the bottom. A glorified blender. The richest man I've ever met, my sister's father-in-law, got them a smoothie maker."

I always think of that when I see a smoothie maker. I mean, they're nice. But whenever I see one, I always just wonder what in the world moved that man to buy them, of all things, a smoothie maker? And, truly, is it anything more than a blender with a spout?

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