Smoothie Story Update

Just an update on yesterday's smoothie story. Last night, I went to a bridal shower. (This is what I do every weekend - wedding, shower, or bachelorette party).

Anyway, one of the bride's gifts was The Smoothie Pro 700 (it was on her registry). When she opened it, she was really excited about it.

Which, just as an aside, I think it's kind of a weird thing to watch someone open gifts that they registered for.
"Oh, here's my silverware. In the pattern I picked out. Thank you, Aunt So-and-so."
"Oh, my dishes. They're beautiful. Thank you."
"This one is from my co-worker. Oh, my glasses!"

But, finally, she got to the smoothie pro. "OOOOH!!! MY SMOOTHIE MAKER!!!" All of the ladies ooohed and aaahed and shouted out things like "Margaritas at your house!" (I, of course, thought about the smoothie maker story.)

I will tell you one thing, though. When she opened the second smoothie maker, she didn't scream quite as loudly.

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